Swing Into the Thirties! — 5:00pm — 7:00pm SLT

It time to swing into the 1930’s on Rich Idiot Island tonight as Gabrielle Riel plays the ear­ly swing that start­ed the craze that last­ed for years to come! Join us at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rich%20Idiot/28/29/22. Or tune in at http://music.radioriel.org !

About Rich Idiot Island:

Our island intro­duces vis­i­tors to the Unit­ed States of the 1930s – para­dox­i­cal­ly, a time of wide­spread pover­ty and of great wealth. The dom­i­nant per­spec­tive here is the pros­per­ous mid­dle- and upper-class expe­ri­ence, but you will also find images and arti­facts of the Depres­sion as seen by the larg­er soci­ety. We hope you take time to look for both and to con­sid­er the social divide they rep­re­sent­ed in the 1930s.

Please take time to vis­it the won­der­ful shops on this plaza and then take a walk­ing tour around the rest of the island. To help you get your bear­ings, the Island Bank is at the NE cor­ner of the plaza and the Coun­ty Home is at the SW cor­ner.

The Deco Den, where book dis­cus­sions are being held, is at the extreme NE cor­ner of the island. Walk past the Island Bank, across the court­yard (have some bar­beque!) and down the stone stair­way, past the parked Ply­mouth.

Up the slope from the Deco Den, under the canopy, is an exhib­it of pho­tos from the 1930s and a dio­ra­ma show­ing a coun­try gen­er­al store of the peri­od.

As you con­tin­ue along the beach coun­ter­clock­wise, you will see sev­er­al beach­front homes (not cur­rent­ly occu­pied, so feel free to vis­it).

At the SW cor­ner of the island is Gatsby’s Din­ner Club – a beau­ti­ful place for an evening of din­ner and danc­ing. Fur­ther along the south side of the island, you will find the Rich Idiot yacht – anoth­er spot for relax­ation.

Final­ly, the Rich Idiot man­sion occu­pies the SE cor­ner of the island (and much of the east side). The man­sion is a site for social gath­er­ings, relax­ation around the pool, and qui­et con­ver­sa­tion on its many bal­conies.

We hope you enjoy your vis­it. Please come many times and bring your friends.

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