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by Elrik Merlin on Saturday, 26 July, 2014

Mixcloud, in association with the International Radio Festival (IRF), has launched the inaugural Mixcloud & IRF Online Radio Awards, and we’d like to invite you to vote for Radio Riel and your favourite shows.

Submissions are open until 29 July 2014 for best show and station across ten categories by a public and industry panel vote.

We’d love you to support Radio Riel and your favourite Radio Riel Mixcloud shows by taking a look here: and voting for Radio Riel as your favourite online radio station plus your favourite Radio Riel show on Mixcloud – such as Songs from the Nightingale and The MOST. 

Of course, Radio Riel shows are a little hard to categorise, and the categories available are thus a little… ah, restrictive. So we suggest you vote for Songs from the Nightingale in INDIE/ALTERNATIVE and The MOST in JAZZ. You can vote for Radio Riel itself in BEST NORTH AMERICAN STATION.

Thank you!


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