Summer Time in the UK and Europe

Last week­end, Britain and Europe (and sev­er­al oth­er coun­tries) put their clocks for­ward one hour. As a result, the usu­al time-dif­fer­ence between Sec­ond Life Time (aka Pacif­ic Time) and that in Europe is now restored, hav­ing been an hour less for the past three weeks.

Britain is now one hour ahead of GMT/Universal Time, while West­ern Europe is 2 hours ahead of UTC. As a result, Sec­ond Life Time is now eight hours behind the time in the UK and nine hours behind that in West­ern Europe.

A fur­ther tem­po­ral hic­cup occurs over the com­ing week­end, when parts of Aus­tralia end their Sum­mer Time.

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