Story Hour with Gilbert Sapwood: Fools, Tricksters & Wise Men

Fools, Trick­sters and Wise Men
Sto­ry Hour at the White­horn Library, with Gilbert Sap­wood
Sun­day, April 6th, 2008,6 pm SLT.
On the Great Lawn beside the Cale­don Library

From the Wise Men of Chelm to the Marx Broth­ers, every cul­ture tells sto­ries of rois­ter­ing pranksters, inspired fools, and sage dun­der­heads. Join not­ed sto­ry­teller, Gilbert Sap­wood, for an hour of tales of clowns and coun­sel­lors, grave philoso­phers and wit­less numbskulls…and who is to say which is real­ly which? .

The ses­sion will be streamed live from the Great Lawn of the Jack & Elaine White­horn Memo­r­i­al Library, in Cale­don Vic­to­riaC­i­ty.

Fol­low­ing the per­for­mance, Gilbert will answer ques­tions regard­ing tra­di­tion­al tales and the art of sto­ry­telling, as time per­mits.

Sto­ry Hour Details
Sun­day, April 6th, 2008,6 pm SLT.
White­horn Library Great Lawn, Cale­don Vic­to­riaC­i­ty.

NOTE: The tele­port takes you to a hub in Cale­don Vic­to­riaC­i­ty… Just fol­low the red arrow/beacon north through the Read­ing Room to the Great Lawn, or use the red and gold Library Trans­port Device locat­ed at the tele­hub.

Please direct ques­tions to JJ Drinkwa­ter, Cale­don Library.

This is a live audio stream sto­ry­telling per­for­mance, pro­duced by Radio Riel. Media url address for SL (or out­side of SL lis­ten­ers) :


Gilbert Sap­wood is a sto­ry­teller, trav­eller and col­lec­tor of tales. He tells sto­ries from the British Isles, Ire­land and from his Cana­di­an home, sto­ries from the Broth­ers Grimm, and tales from the folk­lore of the Good Peo­ple, wher­ev­er they may be found. He is the founder of, and dri­ving force behind, the Sto­ry­telling Guild of Sec­ond Life, and is com­mit­ted to spread­ing the love of tra­di­tion­al sto­ry­telling in Sec­ond Life. If there is a fire­side, pub or gath­er­ing that needs a sto­ry, he has one ready. Gil is avail­able for pri­vate and pub­lic tellings, as short as required, or as long as a win­ter’s night.

Join the “Sto­ry­telling Guild of Sec­ond Life” group for infor­ma­tion on future events.

Spon­sored by the Cale­don Library, and pro­duced by Radio Riel

For more on the tra­di­tions of Wise Fools and Fool­ish Wiss­dom, see

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