Songs of the Sea

in Daily Programme

by Elrik Merlin on Wednesday, 20 May, 2009

Today’s programme includes a vast gamut of songs and pieces of music about the sea, and water in general, from Henry Wood’s Fantasia on British Sea Songs, Arne’s Rule Britannia and Debussy’s La Mer to Sandy Denny’s magnificent The Sea and Jennifer Cutting’s moving Ocean: Songs for the Night Sea Journey, a Celtic-flavoured album which takes its cue from an aspect of Joseph Campbell’s descriptions of the Hero’s Journey. There’s Handel’s Water Music Suites, and a great deal more, such as Karl Jenkins’s Imagined Oceans, which aren’t on the Earth at all.

Interwoven among the pieces is a selection of traditional songs of the sea, sung in the traditional manner, from both British and North American maritime history collections. We hope you enjoy today’s voyage. The picture shows The Sailing Ship, Emma, by Samuel Walters, from the Sudley House collection in Liverpool.

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