Songs from The Nightingale 2017

Songs saved The Nightin­gale in 2017.

In spite of a very dif­fi­cult year for me per­son­al­ly, I, Gabrielle Riel, feel that I reached a whole new lev­el artis­ti­cal­ly as a music pre­sen­ter and I am thrilled that I was able to share that on Radio Riel.

My shows have always been good. They were good from the first time I clicked “play” on my broad­cast­ing soft­ware in 2006, but in 2017, my shows were out­stand­ing, with a few being, in my opin­ion, the best shows I have ever played.

Per­haps I reached the mag­ic 10,000 hour mark in 2017. The author Mal­colm Glad­well posits in his book Out­liers that “the key to achiev­ing world-class exper­tise is a mat­ter of prac­tic­ing the cor­rect way, for a total of around 10,000 hours”. I have been an Inter­net radio music pre­sen­ter for over 11 years, so I have like­ly clocked 10,000 hours by now!

I also think it was the mag­ic-psy­chic con­nec­tion that I have always had with music. I blast­ed so much psy­chic ener­gy out in my shows this year because they were the one place where I could just be myself. It was the only way I could ful­ly express my feel­ings.

What­ev­er the rea­sons, the results were amaz­ing. I am proud of the musi­cal work I did this year. Here are, in my opin­ion, my best three shows of 2017.

Best of Songs from The Nightingale 2017

Third Place

Songs from The Nightin­gale: Mid­sum­mer Night 2017 — Orig­i­nal­ly broad­cast on Tues­day, June 21, 2017 — — More Celtic, Folk, Roots Music and Coun­try-influ­enced than what I usu­al­ly play, but it was per­fect because my inspi­ra­tion for the show was from a place of pure love.

Second Place

Songs from The Nightin­gale: End­ings-Begin­nings — Orig­i­nal­ly broad­cast on Sun­day, Sep­tem­ber 3, 2017 — — Amaz­ing tran­si­tions in terms of key sig­na­tures and beats per minute and it con­tained all of the ener­gy of me rip­ping my heart out of my chest, slic­ing it open and putting it on a musi­cal plat­ter.

First Place

Songs from The Nightin­gale: The Dark­ness vs. The Light — Orig­i­nal­ly broad­cast on Sun­day, March 5, 2017 — — This is the best show that I have ever played. I craft­ed it per­fect­ly in terms of theme, tran­si­tions and build. The first half of the show was about The Dark. The sec­ond half was about The Light and I made the switch between the two at the EXACT half way point in the show.

Songs from The Nightingale on YouTube

Radio Riel lis­ten­ers are used to Ear­ly Music, Clas­si­cal Music, Jazz and eclec­tic pieces on the sev­en Radio Riel streams, but unless you are a reg­u­lar lis­ten­er of the Songs from The Nightin­gale pro­grams, you might be a bit shocked to learn that I (Gabrielle) am, and always have been, a full-on Club Girl. Pop. Synth-Pop. Elec­tron­ic Dance Music.

I cre­at­ed a Songs from The Nightin­gale 2017 playlist on YouTube this year. It is the first time that I have ever done this. I select­ed two songs for every month of the year. I fea­tured all of these songs in my shows in 2017.

Each of these songs has deep per­son­al mean­ing for me and yet the playlist looks like some­thing com­piled by some­one who is NOT a Gen-X-aged radio sta­tion direc­tor for a sta­tion that fea­tures most­ly Clas­si­cal and Jazz.

How­ev­er, these are the songs I select­ed as the most impor­tant songs to me in 2017. Let’s chalk it up to me being young at heart. And I promise to keep bring­ing that “youth­ful” vig­or to Radio Riel in 2018 and beyond!

Songs from The Nightin­gale 2017 YouTube Playlist:

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