Snook’s Garden Centre — Grand Opening

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by Elrik Merlin on Saturday, 11 October, 2008

From Thursday to Sunday, October 9–12, our friend and colleague Soliel Snook is holding a string of launch events for her new venture, Snook’s Garden Centre — an entire region full of the best and most beautiful in plants, landscaping and, of course, the incomparable Llewellyn Roses, perhaps the finest in all of Second Life.

Join Soliel for some of the events that are being held over the next few days (at Giggleford unless otherwise noted below) — just TP to .

Baroque Blues and Jazz with Soliel: 12noon-2pm
Zen Revnik — live acoustic music: 3–4pm

Brixton Canning Live: 1–2pm
The Duchess of Sound, Diamanda Gustafson: 4p-5pm

Original Hat Contest at Wyre: 12noon-2pm
Shapinsay Open House: 2–3pm
Radio Riel’s Gabrielle Riel presents At The Hop 50s dance, Giggleford: 3–5pm

Radio Riel’s Elrik Merlin presents a Latin-flavoured Picnic In The Park: 12noon-2pm
Zen Revnik — live acoustic music: 2–3pm


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