Snook’s Garden Centre — Grand Opening

From Thurs­day to Sun­day, Octo­ber 9–12, our friend and col­league Soliel Snook is hold­ing a string of launch events for her new ven­ture, Snook’s Gar­den Cen­tre — an entire region full of the best and most beau­ti­ful in plants, land­scap­ing and, of course, the incom­pa­ra­ble Llewellyn Ros­es, per­haps the finest in all of Sec­ond Life.

Join Soliel for some of the events that are being held over the next few days (at Gig­gle­ford unless oth­er­wise not­ed below) — just TP to .

Baroque Blues and Jazz with Soliel: 12noon-2pm
Zen Revnik — live acoustic music: 3–4pm

Brix­ton Can­ning Live: 1–2pm
The Duchess of Sound, Dia­man­da Gustafson: 4p-5pm

Orig­i­nal Hat Con­test at Wyre: 12noon-2pm
Shap­in­say Open House: 2–3pm
Radio Riel’s Gabrielle Riel presents At The Hop 50s dance, Gig­gle­ford: 3–5pm

Radio Riel’s Elrik Mer­lin presents a Latin-flavoured Pic­nic In The Park: 12noon-2pm
Zen Revnik — live acoustic music: 2–3pm

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