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by Elrik Merlin on Friday, 15 August, 2008

This week, August 10–16, the Caledon Library, Radio Riel and Riel Events proudly present the third and final part of our series SL Shakespeare Summer, with Shakespeare’s comedy The Tempest. Special programming will be running on Radio Riel’s Main Stream all week, including a full cast recording of the play (see below). In addition there are several special events you can attend.

The Week on Radio Riel

Sunday, August 10Sibelius and His Contemporaries. Sibelius wrote a powerful and impressive operatic setting of The Tempest. Today Gabrielle Riel will be presenting this and a range of other works, well known and not so well known, by Sibelius and other composers of his time.

Then join Radio Riel at the Caledon Library to hear The Tempest, starring Ian McKellen, Emilia Fox, and a full cast, at 1pm SLT / 21:00 BST, followed by a discussion of the play. The listening party and discussion will take place on the Great Lawn of the Whitehorn Library, Caledon Victoria City (

Monday, August 11Classics of the Sea. The storm at sea is a central motif of The Tempest and today Elrik Merlin develops on this theme with a collection of seaworthy classics, not only from the realm of classical music — with such composers as Vaughan Williams, Charles Stanford, Thomas Arne and Henry Wood — but interspersed with some genuine, traditional songs of the sea, sung in the traditional manner.

Tuesday, August 12Purcell and the Baroque — Henry Purcell was one of the first to orchestrate settings of Shakespeare’s plays and he is well-known for The Fairy Queen (aka A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and The Tempest. In addition to his works, we will also include other composers of the Baroque period such as Vivaldi, Rameau and, of course, George Frederick Handel.

Wednesday, August 13Music of Shakespeare — Today’s programme features musical adaptations and incidental music to several of Shakespeare’s works, ranging in orchestration from wind band to full orchestra.

Thursday, August 14The Elizabethan Theatre — This programme not only includes music from Shakespeare’s time, but also attempts to catch the feeling of the Elizabethan theatre-going experience, with extracts from the plays performed as they would have been at the time, interwoven with music and contemporary comments from playgoers, provided by the players and musicians of the modern recreation of The Globe Theatre in Southwark.

Friday, August 15The Celtic Voyage — Soliel Snook takes you on a sea voyage from ancient times — from the lands of the Celts, who may well have been the first Europeans to reach North America.

Saturday, August 16Our Revels Now Are Ended — Gabrielle Riel wraps up not only this week but also the entire series of SL Shakespeare Summer, with an anthology of music for the week’s performances, culminating in a Grand Ball on the enchanted isle of Winterfell Libris ( Feel free to join us in costume as your favourite character from the play (8–10pm SLT).

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s programmes also include the complete full-cast performance of The Tempest.

SL Shakespeare Summer is a project of Radio Riel, Riel Events and the Caledon Library, and is made possible by funding from the Foundation for Rich Content – and by listeners like you.


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