Sky Pirates of the Caledonian — 1:00pm — 4:00pm SLT

I say, old chap, what do you say to a spiff­ing aer­i­al shindig? And all for a noble cause — the Relay for Life.

Arrrr, but this be Cale­don, maties! We be takin’ to tha skies and holdin’ ’em for ran­som.

Join Sky Pix­ie Bego­nia and Alfon­so the cab­in boy and horn­pipe to the musi­cal stylings of her DJness Gabrielle Riel high above the Court of Carn­taigh.

So, be ye pirate or be ye fly­boy, be there on Sat­ur­day 7th June between 1–4pm SLT.

Look for trans­port to the ships at the Carn­taigh tele­hub.


Tune in on Radio Riel’s Main stream: .

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