Sky Pirates of the Caledonian — 1:00pm — 4:00pm SLT

in Daily Programme

by Gabrielle Riel on Saturday, 7 June, 2008

I say, old chap, what do you say to a spiffing aerial shindig? And all for a noble cause — the Relay for Life.

Arrrr, but this be Caledon, maties! We be takin’ to tha skies and holdin’ ‘em for ransom.

Join Sky Pixie Begonia and Alfonso the cabin boy and hornpipe to the musical stylings of her DJness Gabrielle Riel high above the Court of Carntaigh.

So, be ye pirate or be ye flyboy, be there on Saturday 7th June between 1–4pm SLT.

Look for transport to the ships at the Carntaigh telehub.


Tune in on Radio Riel’s Main stream: .


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