Silly Side Up — 6–8:30 PM SLT

Tonight, Mon­day Night World Music ven­tures into the sil­ly side — goofy, weird, light-heart­ed, sur­pris­ing music from all over the world.

Want to hear “Love Potion No. 9” sung in Chi­nese? Or “I Want To Hold Your Hand” in Hin­di? The “Shaft” theme in Ara­bic? A song about cook­ing mole sauce, or one about eat­ing craw­fish? A song about a crazy mos­qui­to? Or one about a miss­ing mon­key? How about some Japan­ese blue­grass?

We’ll have all that and more tonight from 6–8:30PM SLT. You can join us in world at Mad­hu’s Café Indi­en — and in hon­or of Hal­loween, we encour­age you to come in cos­tume or sil­ly avatars. Or, if you can’t make it to the in-world par­ty, lis­ten in on Radio Riel’s main stream. Hope you can join us!

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