Seven Wonders

Today’s extend­ed broad­cast has a some­what Euro­pean if not Mediter­ranean feel, includ­ing works by Respighi, Delius and oth­ers with a south­ern flavour. How­ev­er we are also fea­tur­ing a selec­tion of light orches­tral pieces by British and French com­posers (includ­ing some that will evoke mem­o­ries of ear­ly British com­mer­cial tele­vi­sion) and, of par­tic­u­lar inter­est, three works by British con­tem­po­rary com­posers Thomas J and Stu­art Mitchell (father and son).

These include the for­mer’s Ross­lyn Motet — choral music based on the pat­terns in the unique Mason­ic pil­lars in Ross­lyn Chapel near Edin­burgh; music inspired by the Labyrinth at Chartres Cathe­dral; and Stu­art Mitchel­l’s stun­ning orches­tral suite, Sev­en Won­ders, which fea­tures a move­ment for each of the orig­i­nal Sev­en Won­ders of the Ancient World. Find out more about these remark­able works by vis­it­ing Stu­art Mitchel­l’s web site and his MySpace page, where you can also buy the albums.

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