Saturday At The Movies

Today’s edi­tion of Sat­ur­day at the Movies fea­tures a cou­ple of new releas­es that could­n’t be more dif­fer­ent: Ben­jamin Wall­fis­ch’s enthralling score from Sum­mer in Feb­ru­ary and Alexan­dre Desplat’s pow­er­ful accom­pa­ni­ment for Godzil­la.

Along­side these and oth­er recent releas­es you’ll hear a bunch of favourites and oth­er film music going back to the dawn of the genre. Pick up some pop­corn and some­thing wet and fizzy and set­tle back in the best seat in the house — your own.

ZBS Radio Hour

Dreams of RioToday we kick off the ZBS Radio Hour at 11am and 7pm Pacif­ic Time — 19:00 or 03:00 UK time — with the begin­ning of anoth­er Jack Flan­ders ser­i­al: Dreams of Rio

Hyp­not­ic voodoo beats, lush jun­gle nois­es, trop­i­cal rains, an enig­mat­ic Euro­pean Pro­fes­sor, an allur­ing female anthropologist…a few of the ingre­di­ents which M. Ful­ton has fash­ioned into this audio fan­ta­sy, Dreams of Rio, an engag­ing romp through the forests and sam­ba clubs of Brazil. Dreams of Rio chron­i­cles the trop­i­cal adven­tures of hero Jack Flan­ders as he treks through the mys­te­ri­ous wilds of Brazil­ian rain­forests and impos­si­ble sit­u­a­tions in his search for the Lost City. The crisp, stereo record­ings come vibrant­ly alive with lus­cious ambi­ent sound record­ed by Ful­ton and Clark on loca­tion in Brazil.

Dreams fol­lows Jack who escapes from the U.S., a coun­try trans­formed into a giant shop­ping mall, and under­takes a jour­ney to Rio to retrieve a stat­ue for a friend. Once in his hands, the stat­ue cracks open to reveal a crys­tal skull. This is just the begin­ning of an end­less chain of chill­ing plot twists and turns. Along the way, Jack encoun­ters vam­pire bats, voodoo musi­cians, a Car­men Miran­da muse­um, and an allur­ing Ger­man anthro­pol­o­gist, Frie­da, with whom he falls hope­less­ly in love. Togeth­er they jour­ney to the Lost City.

Jack is fol­lowed by Ruby the Galac­tic Gumshoe as we con­tin­ue The Under­world (aka Ruby 3). Ancient Sumer­ian mythol­o­gy and oth­er mys­ti­cal gems weave through­out this taut galac­tic gumshoe extrav­a­gan­za.

Today’s pro­gramme is pre­sent­ed by Elrik Mer­lin. 

If you are tun­ing in from Cana­da or the Unit­ed States, please click here. Oth­er­wise, click here to start your play­er, if your brows­er is con­fig­ured to do so. 

Image: The Wind­sor The­ater in Hamp­ton, IA. Pho­to by Pete Zarria

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