Santir Island: Black & Red Ball, 12:30pm — 2:00pm SLT

Join Gabrielle Riel today on San­tir Island from 12:30pm — 2:00pm SLT as Radio Riel inau­gu­rates a new series of events with the San­tir Black and Red Ball. San­tir Island is a pre­mière venue for some of the best live artists in SL and it is now expand­ing into oth­er types of events. Radio Riel will be play­ing two formal/themed dances a month on San­tir, so keep your eyes post­ed here on the Radio Riel Blog for upcom­ing events!

Music for the ball today is clas­si­cal; we rec­om­mend for­mal attire, prefer­ably in Black & Red, or Black or Red! Join us on San­tir at or tune in to the Radio Riel Main Stream to enjoy the show from a remote loca­tion, either in SL or on your media play­er at .

Note: Today’s Mag­natune Mon­day Cham­ber Music pro­gram will resume at 2:00pm SLT after the ball con­cludes.

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