Saint Nicholas’ Night Festival at the Czech Republic Sim

From the Czech Ambas­sador, Mr. ThomasK Andel:

The His­tor­i­cal Czech Repub­lic Sim invites you Saint Nicholas’ Night Fes­ti­val. In the Czech Repub­lic, Saint Nicholas comes with Angles and Dev­ils to chil­dren’s homes and brings gifts com­mend­ing them for their good behav­ior over the past year and exhort­ing them to con­tin­ue in the same man­ner in the year to come. If they fail to do so they will receive a vis­it from Dev­il.

This event is co-ordi­nat­ed with our part­ners in SL Cale­don, and Pol­s­ka Repub­li­ca in SL. Dur­ing this event, each DJ will play a rep­re­sen­ta­tive playlist from his/her com­mu­ni­ty. Gold­en Club is also hold­ing a con­test for 1000 L for Best Cou­ple (500l$ split) and an exclu­sive present from Famous Czech and Slo­vak cloth­ing design­ers.

Saint Nicholas’ Night Fes­ti­val

***Gold­en Club***
Location:Czech repub­lic
Start Time:9:30 am slt

9.30am-10:30am DJ Jaqui Loire from Angels Club at Slo­va­kia.
10:30–11:30 DJ Andie Rau from BZ00 radio
11:30 Saint Nicholas Arrival and announce of con­test.
11:30–12:30 DJ Gabriela Riel From Radio Riel.
12:30–13:30 DJ Tir­sor Benel­li from Nos­tic Club.
13:30 end of con­test
13:30–14:30DJ Van­nesa Elder from Tor­na­do Club.

Saint Nicholas Day Around the World

- In the Czech Repub­lic:

The most pop­u­lar of the Advent hol­i­days was—and still is—St. Nicholas Day. It is the only one of the old Czech Advent hol­i­days still cel­e­brat­ed today. It is a spe­cial time when chil­dren receive sweets and small gifts. They used to be apples, nuts and sweets, while now they are choco­late, toy cars and oth­er small presents. St. Nicholas Day also rem­i­nids peo­ple that Baby Jesus will soon be here.

Angels low­er St. Nicholas, or Svaty Mikuláš„ with a bas­ket of apples, nuts, and can­dies, down from heav­en on a heavy gold­en cord. On Decem­ber 5th, the eve of St. Nicholas Day, three figures—kindly St. Nicholas who gives gifts to chil­dren, a Dev­il who comes to take bad chil­dren away, and an Angel who pleads on their behalf—form a pro­ces­sion mark­ing the begin­ning of the Christ­mas sea­son. The streets are filled with dev­ils rat­tling chains, St. Nicholases with white cot­ton beards, long robes and bish­ops’ staffs, and angels with paper wings on their way to vis­it small chil­dren in their homes.

Tra­di­tion­al­ly, St. Nicholas quizzed chil­dren on the prayer-book and the Bible. Today, how­ev­er, the ques­tions are most­ly about the pre­vi­ous year’s behav­ior. The angel writes a record for each child in a large book and the chil­dren sing or say a poem to the saint. The dev­il rat­tles his chains, threat­en­ing to car­ry bad chil­dren off, but the angel, with a gold star on her fore­head and dressed in a white gown, pro­tects the chil­dren.

Good chil­dren receive stock­ings filled with tan­ger­ines, nuts, choco­lates, and small gifts. It is said that bad chil­dren get old pota­toes or coal in theirs. Par­ents and oth­er rel­a­tives also give a St. Nicholas gift, which may be hid­den so chil­dren must hunt to find it. After the chil­dren’s treats, St. Nicholas shares a toast with the par­ents.

In Prague there is a car­ni­val with prizes for the best masks.

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  1. Tanja says:


    this is a very nice,informative arti­cle and all of the infor­ma­tion is cor­rect (I am Czech so I con­sid­er myself kind of an expert on St. Nicholas Day ;). Are you Czech your­self?
    If you would like to know all of the oth­er Czech St. Nicholas Par­ties abroad go here:

    Thank you!

    PS: you will see that we match in the choice of our images 🙂

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