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by Gabrielle Riel on Friday, 5 December, 2008

From the Czech Ambassador, Mr. ThomasK Andel:

The Historical Czech Republic Sim invites you Saint Nicholas’ Night Festival. In the Czech Republic, Saint Nicholas comes with Angles and Devils to children’s homes and brings gifts commending them for their good behavior over the past year and exhorting them to continue in the same manner in the year to come. If they fail to do so they will receive a visit from Devil.

This event is co-ordinated with our partners in SL Caledon, and Polska Republica in SL. During this event, each DJ will play a representative playlist from his/her community. Golden Club is also holding a contest for 1000 L for Best Couple (500l$ split) and an exclusive present from Famous Czech and Slovak clothing designers.

Saint Nicholas’ Night Festival

***Golden Club***
Location:Czech republic
Start Time:9:30 am slt

9.30am-10:30am DJ Jaqui Loire from Angels Club at Slovakia.
10:30–11:30 DJ Andie Rau from BZ00 radio
11:30 Saint Nicholas Arrival and announce of contest.
11:30–12:30 DJ Gabriela Riel From Radio Riel.
12:30–13:30 DJ Tirsor Benelli from Nostic Club.
13:30 end of contest
13:30–14:30DJ Vannesa Elder from Tornado Club.

Saint Nicholas Day Around the World

- In the Czech Republic:

The most popular of the Advent holidays was—and still is—St. Nicholas Day. It is the only one of the old Czech Advent holidays still celebrated today. It is a special time when children receive sweets and small gifts. They used to be apples, nuts and sweets, while now they are chocolate, toy cars and other small presents. St. Nicholas Day also reminids people that Baby Jesus will soon be here.

Angels lower St. Nicholas, or Svaty Mikuláš„ with a basket of apples, nuts, and candies, down from heaven on a heavy golden cord. On December 5th, the eve of St. Nicholas Day, three figures—kindly St. Nicholas who gives gifts to children, a Devil who comes to take bad children away, and an Angel who pleads on their behalf—form a procession marking the beginning of the Christmas season. The streets are filled with devils rattling chains, St. Nicholases with white cotton beards, long robes and bishops’ staffs, and angels with paper wings on their way to visit small children in their homes.

Traditionally, St. Nicholas quizzed children on the prayer-book and the Bible. Today, however, the questions are mostly about the previous year’s behavior. The angel writes a record for each child in a large book and the children sing or say a poem to the saint. The devil rattles his chains, threatening to carry bad children off, but the angel, with a gold star on her forehead and dressed in a white gown, protects the children.

Good children receive stockings filled with tangerines, nuts, chocolates, and small gifts. It is said that bad children get old potatoes or coal in theirs. Parents and other relatives also give a St. Nicholas gift, which may be hidden so children must hunt to find it. After the children’s treats, St. Nicholas shares a toast with the parents.

In Prague there is a carnival with prizes for the best masks.


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Tanja December 6, 2008 at 11:42


this is a very nice,informative article and all of the information is correct (I am Czech so I consider myself kind of an expert on St. Nicholas Day ;). Are you Czech yourself?
If you would like to know all of the other Czech St. Nicholas Parties abroad go here:

Thank you!

PS: you will see that we match in the choice of our images 🙂


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