Romeo & Juliet — Discussion 1pm

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by Elrik Merlin on Thursday, 24 July, 2008

Please join us on the Great Lawn outside the Whitehorn Library, Caledon VictoriaCity at 1pm SLT today, Thursday, for a 2hr discussion of William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of star-crossed young love, Romeo and Juliet.

Bellicose Tybalt, fanciful Mercutio, the bawdy Nurse, the compassionate Friar, the tender and tragic lovers, the proud Capulets and the haughty Montagues, each strut and fret their hour upon the stage in Shakespeare’s endlessly popular, endlessly reinterpreted tale of young love’s power and pathos.

Maybe you prefer West Side Story or the Victorian versions with the naughty bits missing. Maybe you’d like to talk about the imagery of light and dark, or the equivalence of love and death in the play. Is Juliet too reliant on patriarchal figures? Whatever, lets hear about it!

All are welcome at this discussion, whether you have read the play or not. TP to the VictoriaCity hub and follow the marker you’ll get from this SLURL:

SL Shakespeare Summer is a project of Radio Riel, Riel Events and the Caledon Library, and is made possible by funding from the Foundation for Rich Content – and by listeners like you.


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