Robot Wars — November Caledon Rez-Day Party, Fri Nov 9

When: Fri 9th Novem­ber from 13:00 to 17:00 (SLT), 21:00 to 01:00 (GMT)
Where: Cale­don Carn­taigh

Details: The event com­bines a bash for the love­ly plucky avi­a­trix Vir­rgina Tombo­la, the mod­el of Vic­to­ri­an pix­idom Fuschia Bego­nia, our very own bun­neh Dame Lapin Paris, the king of obliv­i­ous­ness Roy Smash­can, he of the steam pow­ered pachy­derm and pec­torals Alfon­so Avalanche, the love­ly and frock­ly tal­ent­ed Ter­ry Light­foot, the love­ly and kit­ten­ish­ly tal­ent­ed Kiralette Kel­ly, and the time-trav­el­ling Whov­ian Oolon Sput­nik, who all have their rez days in the same month. Odd­ly iron­ic, they’re all mates.

The theme will be ‘Robot Wars’: Elrik Mer­lin & Edward Pearse (both of whom know how to say “War­wick­shire” cor­rect­ly) will be musi­cal co-ordi­na­tors, play­ing out favourite tunes where avail­able and loads of dance trax.

So let’s crash Carn­taigh this Fri (9th Novem­ber) from 13:00 to 17:00 (SLT), 21:00 to 01:00 (GMT) with prim­my robots, kickin’ tunes, and bil­lions of drunk Vic­to­ri­ans, Who geeks, Car­ni­val folks, Nekos, obliv­i­ous dudes in top hats and Orni Pilots – and cel­e­brate our inner robo-geek!

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One Response to “Robot Wars — November Caledon Rez-Day Party, Fri Nov 9”

  1. Gabrielle Riel says:

    Hey! I can say War­wick­shire cor­rect­ly now!!! Oolon even approved my pro­nun­ci­a­tion! 😉

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