Riel Theatre presents: Flashman at the Charge pt. 1

7:00pm SLT tonight. Riel The­atre presents part one of the drama­ti­sa­tion of George Mac­Don­ald Fras­er cel­e­brat­ed nov­el recount­ing the adven­tures of renowned cad and self-con­fessed cow­ard Sir Har­ry Flash­man. In the first instal­ment, bad luck and Prince Albert con­spire to send Flash­man to the Crimea, where the ter­ri­fied but resource­ful hero finds him­self grap­pling with the frozen Russ­ian wastes.

Old Flash­man Joss Ack­land
Lord Cardi­gan Nigel Antho­ny
Young Flash­man Angus Wright
Count Ignati­eff David Holt
Lord Raglan David Ban­ner­man
Elspeth Jayne McKen­na
Aunt Sara Tra­cy-Ann Ober­man
Scud East Peter Ken­ny

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