Riel Theatre presents: Flashman at the Charge pt. 1

in Daily Programme

by Edward Pearse on Thursday, 3 February, 2011

7:00pm SLT tonight. Riel Theatre presents part one of the dramatisation of George MacDonald Fraser celebrated novel recounting the adventures of renowned cad and self-confessed coward Sir Harry Flashman. In the first instalment, bad luck and Prince Albert conspire to send Flashman to the Crimea, where the terrified but resourceful hero finds himself grappling with the frozen Russian wastes.

Old Flashman Joss Ackland
Lord Cardigan Nigel Anthony
Young Flashman Angus Wright
Count Ignatieff David Holt
Lord Raglan David Bannerman
Elspeth Jayne McKenna
Aunt Sara Tracy-Ann Oberman
Scud East Peter Kenny

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