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by rieladmin on Thursday, 3 May, 2012

Now that last week’s technical difficulties have been resolved, we shall try this again.
Bleak Expectations: “Charles Dickens meets The Goon Show.”

Written by Mark Evans, more recently known for the TV series The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff

Starring Richard Johnson — Sir Philip (“Pip”) Bin
Tom Allen — Young Pip
Susy Kane — Pippa Bin
Anthony Head — Mr Gently Benevolent; Jeremy Sourquill
James Bachman — Harry Biscuit
Laurence Howarth — Mr Skinflint Parsimonious
Mark Evans — Mr Wyckham‐Post‐Forburton.…, Thomas’ lawyer whose full name took 20 minutes to say and to whom — since he charged by the hour — “his name was his greatest asset”; Revd Supermarket; Waiter; Dr Cure‐Some‐By‐Chance; sundry boys, gentlemen and chavvies
Sarah Hadland — Lily, Sir Phillip’s daughter
Geoffrey Whitehead — the entire dynasty of various evil families with equally unpleasant names.

This week “A Young Love Mercilessly Dismembered” and “A Life Sadly Smashed… Then Happily Restored A Bit”.
Pip is saved from the wreck of Admiral Hardthrasher’s vessel by Aunt Lily on a raft of trained tuna. He returns to London, to find true (if brief) love with the beautiful but terminally feeble Flora Dies‐Early. Pippa and Mr Parsimonious flee to the continent, with Mr Benevolent in pursuit, but his nefarious attempts against them are thwarted by Aunt Lily. Harry, meanwhile, tries to join the army to forget his love for Pippa, but is thwarted by an allergy to the colour red.

Join us at the Clarendon Conservatory from 7pm SLT on Thursday night or tune in to http://music.radioriel.org/


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