Riel Day for Life!

On Sun­day, July 11, 2010, Radio Riel will be broad­cast­ing a very spe­cial pro­gram from 12:00am SLT to 12:00am SLT on Mon­day, July 12 to raise funds for Team New Bab­bage Relay for Life, which also includes the com­mu­ni­ties of New Toulouse and Ser­aph City. These 24 hours of pro­gram­ming on Radio Riel’s Main stream are going to be deter­mined by you, our lis­ten­ers!

Each hour dur­ing the day will be up for grabs for a spe­cif­ic dona­tion amount. Reserve an hour by pay­ing the dona­tion amount, and we will play the music of YOUR choice for that hour! Here are the para­me­ters for the day’s pro­gram­ming:

  • We deter­mined the pric­ing struc­ture for the dona­tions accord­ing to the num­ber of lis­ten­ers per hour that we have aver­aged on every Sun­day in the month of June. Hours with more lis­ten­ers are more expen­sive than lighter hours
  • We priced the dona­tions so we will raise $100,000 L in the 24 hours
  • You can reserve as many hours as you want
  • Your pro­gram must be from music that is already in the Radio Riel Music Library. We have an exten­sive and eclec­tic Library, so we should be able to meet your request, how­ev­er as this project will be very labor inten­sive, we will not have time to track down “Bar Band Music from Spring­field, Mass­a­chu­setts from 1973 — 1977” or some oth­er obscu­ri­ty
  • You can make one spe­cif­ic song request for your hour. Again, we won’t have time to cre­ate an all-request playlist for you from scratch. If we do not have the song in our Library, then we will con­tact you to work out an appro­pri­ate solu­tion
  • If you are a DJ, you can reserve time on the sched­ule to play a live set if you wish, as long as you adhere to DMCA inter­net broad­cast­ing rules. Talk to Gabrielle Riel if you need more infor­ma­tion
  • The Claren­don in New Bab­bage is at your dis­pos­al if you want to host an event there dur­ing your hour(s). We do ask that you do not place a tip jar, and that all tips and dona­tions go into a Team New Bab­bage RFL kiosk
  • We will post the day’s pro­gram sched­ule on the Radio Riel blog, the Steam­lan­der forums and at The Claren­don so you can see the spon­sors and styles for each hour

Radio Riel’s Music Library is around 45,000 music tracks and con­tains every genre, era and style imag­in­able, with the excep­tion of con­tem­po­rary, top 40 Coun­try music and hard core Rap.

If you would like to reserve an hour, please con­tact Gabrielle Riel (gabrielle.riel@gmail.com) to pay your dona­tion and to dis­cuss your pro­gram, the soon­er the bet­ter! We will work with you to the best of our abil­i­ty, after a brief needs assess­ment, to play the pro­gram of your choice. Review the pro­gram sched­ule to see which hours are still avail­able.

Be a part of the Riel Day for Life, sup­port New Bab­bage RFL and the Amer­i­can Can­cer Soci­ety in the fight to con­quer can­cer.

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