Remembering Soliel on Her Rezday

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by Gabrielle Riel on Thursday, 12 May, 2016

On May 12, 2007, Janet Wright, an American expat living in Scotland decided to check out the virtual world of Second Life. It was on that day that she created the avatar “Soliel Snook” and unknowingly began an adventure that would continue for the rest of her life. She became an expert 3D content creator, a region designer‐owner and part of the team at an Internet radio station, Radio Riel.

In Second Life, the date of the day that you join is logged in your avatar’s profile. Second Life residents refer to that joining‐date as a “rezday”, which is essentially your avatar’s birthday. Second Life residents celebrate their rezdays just as people in the physical world celebrate their birthdays. We celebrated many of Soliel’s rezdays over the years. Last year we celebrated her life in a memorial service on May 12, 2015 after she passed away on April 24.

Today, May 12, 2016 is Soliel’s 9th rezday, and in honor of this we are re‐broadcasting the programs that Gabrielle Riel played for her 1st, 6th and 7th rezdays. Tune in at the following times to listen:

All times are North American Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -8).

12:30pm — 2:00pm — Gen X with Gabi: Gen X Jazz — originally broadcast on May 12, 2013 — Gabrielle Riel plays Jazz connected to Generation X and celebrates Soliel Snook’s 6th Rezday.

2:00pm — 5:00pm — Soliel Snook’s 1st Rezday — originally broadcast on May 12, 2008 — Gabrielle Riel plays three hours of Soliel’s favorite music in honor of her 1st Rezday.

5:00pm — 6:00pm — Soliel Snook’s 7th Rezday Part I — originally broadcast on May 18, 2014 — Gabrielle Riel plays Celtic music and shares messages and memories for Soliel’s 7th Rezday.

6:00pm — 7:00pm — Soliel Snook’s 7th Rezday Part II — originally broadcast on May 18, 2014 — Gabrielle Riel plays Jazz, Blues and Pop and shares memories for Soliel’s 7th Rezday.

If you are in Second Life, please join us at any time between 12:30pm and 7:00pm SLT at The Nightingale in St John to gather and celebrate Soliel.


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