Remembering Soliel: Music of Scotland

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by Elrik Merlin on Saturday, 25 April, 2015

Some of you may know that our dear friend and colleague, Soliel Snook – Janet in the world outside Second Life – passed away yesterday. Today’s programme is broadcast in her memory, and our thoughts are with her family and friends in the real and virtual worlds.

I met Soleil in the Second Life region of Caledon, soon after I came into the virtual world in March 2007. She was always wonderful to talk to, prepared to make helpful comments and give advice, and she soon become a valued friend in my life in the virtual world.

We both became involved in Radio Riel that year and she soon became an integral part of the station, both behind the scenes and on the air, and I always enjoyed her programmes – often featuring jazz or Scottish music – and discovered that, though she was American, she lived in the Scottish Highlands, in a little town on the North side of the Moray Firth, just across the water from the Findhorn Foundation, with which she and I shared a connection. One day when I was up there, she made the journey round the Firth via Inverness and we met in the Kimberley Inn in Findhorn for the first time in person.

We met several times in real life after that – and of course in‐world, where she developed garden centres and a beautiful French region inspired by Monet’s garden in Giverny, after which she named it, and was the subject of at least one Designing Worlds show.

Eventually she left the Highlands and moved back the the US to start a new life in Florida.

Today I’m playing a programme of Scottish music in her memory, including some artists she introduced me to for the first time.

Goodbye, dear Janet: you will be sorely missed by many, in many worlds.

—Richard Elen/Elrik Merlin

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