Relive the Great British Pirate Radio Era

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by Elrik Merlin on Wednesday, 23 August, 2017

Join us at 11am Pacific Time on Radio Riel’s Main Stream for a 50th anniversary tribute to Britain’s offshore radio stations of the 1960’s — “Please Don’t Take Them Away… The Story Of The Great British Pirate Era” — as part of a day of music from the 1960s with authentic offshore radio jingles and announcements evoking British pop radio of half a century ago.

On Monday August 14th 2017 it was exactly 50 years since probably the most exciting era in British Commercial Radio came to an end, with the introduction of the UK Government’s Marine Offences Act. In this special documentary, Mark Stafford includes exclusive interviews with many of the leading names who broadcast from around the coast of Britain during that era. These include Dave Cash, Robbie Dale, Tony Prince, Roger “Twiggy” Day, Don Allen, Johnnie Walker, Carl Conway, Martin Kayne and other presenters who made the era what it was. The 3-hour story also features countless off air extracts and a soundtrack showcasing the great music played on the offshore stations.


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