Rane’s Monster (S)mash — 10/26

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by rieladmin on Thursday, 25 October, 2007

Filling in for the Duchess herself will be Rane Mokeev in Jazzers Paradise tomorrow.  As always you can IM the Hostess with the Mostess, Moxie Grumby, or myself for a TP.  Our appetizers will feature a selection of light‐hearted tunes to set the mood, while our main course will be a more rock‐oriented fare (in the spirit of the season, of course), followed by a heaping helping of random goodness for dessert.

Also, as this is the last weekend before Halloween, don’t be shy and feel free to show off your greatest costume!

**Update** I’ve been informed that “Arrogant DJ” is not an actual costume, and will change accordingly.

Friday, Oct. 26th


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