Rane’s Monster (S)mash — 10/26

Fill­ing in for the Duchess her­self will be Rane Mokeev in Jazzers Par­adise tomor­row.  As always you can IM the Host­ess with the Most­ess, Mox­ie Grum­by, or myself for a TP.  Our appe­tiz­ers will fea­ture a selec­tion of light-heart­ed tunes to set the mood, while our main course will be a more rock-ori­ent­ed fare (in the spir­it of the sea­son, of course), fol­lowed by a heap­ing help­ing of ran­dom good­ness for dessert.

Also, as this is the last week­end before Hal­loween, don’t be shy and feel free to show off your great­est cos­tume!

**Update** I’ve been informed that “Arro­gant DJ” is not an actu­al cos­tume, and will change accord­ing­ly.

Fri­day, Oct. 26th

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