Radio Riel’s URLs

I am pleased to announce that after two months of lim­bo, the Radio Riel URLs are up and run­ning once more.

You can lis­ten our streams by open­ing the fol­low­ing URLs in a media play­er that is exter­nal to Sec­ond Life (Win­dows Media Play­er, iTunes, WinAmp) or by enter­ing the URL in the Music URL: field of the Media Tab in the About Land dia­log box for your par­cel.

Here are the “user friend­ly” URLs for our streams:

Radio Riel Main Stream =

Radio Riel Events =

Radio Riel New Toulouse =

Grace­ful* =

The direct URLs still work, for exam­ple for Radio Riel Main, but we have con­fig­ured these URLs for ease of use by Radio Riel lis­ten­ers and Staff.

Thank you for stick­ing with us and tun­ing in while we worked this out!

* The “Grace­ful” Stream is Lady Soliel Snook’s per­son­al stream that we use from time to time for events.

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