Radio Riel’s Hallowe’en Events — Quick Guide

There are plen­ty of Hal­lowe’en events at which Radio Riel is pre­sent­ing the musi­cal enter­tain­ment tonight — we do hope you will be able to attend at least one of them! Here’s a quick guide (all times SLT). Fol­low the links to find full details where avail­able:

Hal­lowe’en Ball at the Bash­ful Pea­cock: 12 noon
Caer Blan­co Hal­lowe’en Par­ty: 1:30pm
Info Island Hal­lowe’en Par­ty: 4:30pm
Caer Blan­co Hal­lowe’en Par­ty: 6 pm
Hal­lowe’en Ball at the Bash­ful Pea­cock: 7pm
Hal­lowe’en on Radio Riel: All Day

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