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by Gabrielle Riel on Monday, 22 June, 2009

Today, June 22, 2009, I (Gabrielle) am thrilled to announce Radio Riel’s newest audio stream: Radio Riel Steampunk!

Radio Riel Steampunk plays 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and features the very broad range of styles and artists that could be classified as “steampunk”. Styles include: Steampunk/Steamwave, Dark Cabaret, Goth, Rock, Electronica, Baroque, Classical and Romantic music. Artists include: Vernian Process, Abney Park, The Dresden Dolls, Voltaire, Emilie Autumn, Rasputina, The Clockwork Quartet and Dr. Steel.

To listen to Radio Riel Steampunk, open a media player on your computer, such as Windows Media Player, iTunes or WinAmp. Find the option under the menus that is called “Open URL” or “Open Stream” and enter the following URL:

…and welcome to the world of the imagined past!

And do not forget Radio Riel’s two other streams that also play 24/7…

Radio Riel Main Stream — features a daily themed program, created by our Presenters, and plays Early Music, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern Classical, Folk, Celtic and Jazz. Tune in at in the manner described above.

Radio Riel New Toulouse — features the music of New Orleans, Early Jazz, Blues, Zydeco and Cajun. Tune in at in the manner described above.

We’d love to hear what you think about Radio Riel Steampunk — feel free to comment here on the Radio Riel Blog, or send a note to !

Thank you my dear Riel Audiophiles for tuning in and supporting Radio Riel. Thank you also to our Sponsors, who ultimately make this all possible!


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Ceejay Writer June 22, 2009 at 18:38

*raises a cup of coffee topped with Freedom Foam* Good work, Radio Riel! Good music to encourage the resistance! The revolution is here... and it's caffeinated.


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