Radio Riel Programs Now Available On Mixcloud


Radio Riel lis­ten­ers have been ask­ing us for years for access to archived ver­sions of our live broad­casts. Not every­one can tune in for the live pro­grams, yet our broad­cast licens­es have not pro­vid­ed a legal way for us to share our record­ed con­tent with you. This has changed.

We now have a way to legal­ly share our pro­grams with you accord­ing to your own sched­ule! I (Gabrielle Riel) have start­ed to upload my archived shows to the ser­vice Mix­cloud. Mix­cloud enables you to lis­ten to our pro­grams via inter­net audio stream­ing. To find the Radio Riel shows just click here: .

You can access the pro­grams direct­ly from that URL. You can also set up a Mix­cloud account and fol­low me (Gabrielle Riel). Once you are fol­low­ing me, you can con­fig­ure your Mix­cloud pref­er­ences to noti­fy you each time I post a new show.

I have been archiv­ing my shows and sav­ing my playlists for years; there­fore it will take months before I can get them all up on Mix­cloud. For the moment, I am adding my most recent shows and then I am work­ing back­wards from there. I am adding the com­plete track lists from the shows and I am time­stamp­ing them accord­ing­ly so you will know exact­ly what song is cur­rent­ly play­ing. This will also enable you to explore the artists I fea­ture on your own.

Please note that Mix­cloud only offers audio stream­ing, not down­load­ing. You will not be able to down­load the pro­grams to any device and you will need an Inter­net con­nec­tion in order to use Mix­cloud to lis­ten to our pro­grams.

If you have any ques­tions, please do not hes­i­tate to con­tact us via our Face­book page ( or via email ( Hap­py lis­ten­ing and thank you for sup­port­ing Radio Riel!

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