Radio Riel Booking Policies

To book an event: send an email to “” or drop a note­card to Gabrielle Riel in Sec­ond Life.

Pay­ment Terms

  • 50% non refund­able deposit due at book­ing — although RR will resched­ule event as need­ed
  • Must pay the bal­ance on the event in full no lat­er than 24 hours before the event
  • Please send all pay­ments to Eliz­a­beth Mor­gen­rote (Gabrielle’s Alt used for Radio Riel Account­ing) direct­ly
  • If you would like to book Gabrielle Riel, you must ask for her specif­i­cal­ly and pay her rates (see below)

Rates for all Pre­sen­ters except Gabrielle Riel

  • Music Only (no Pre­sen­ter, music play­ing from a playlist) = $1000.00 L per hour
  • Stan­dard Event (Pre­sen­ter, Host) = $1500.00 L per hour
  • Spe­cial­ty Event (The­mat­ic or role play event, inter­view, audio archiv­ing, for­mal ball, Pre­sen­ter, Host) = $1750.00 L per hour

Rates for Gabrielle Riel

  • Music Only = $1250.00 L per hour
  • Stan­dard Event = $2000 L per hour
  • Spe­cial­ty Event = $2250 L per hour

Event Infor­ma­tion

  • Pre­sen­ter and Hosts will set out tip jar at event, they will need the abil­i­ty to place objects on the land. If the client does not want tip jars set out, then the cost of the event will be increased by $750 L per hour for a Pre­sen­ter and $500 L per hour for a Host
  • Pre­sen­ter will taste­ful­ly dis­play the Radio Riel logo, usu­al­ly in the form of the dance machine
  • The client must dis­cuss the pos­si­bil­i­ty of tak­ing live requests at book­ing
  • The client must pro­vide spe­cif­ic song requests to the Pre­sen­ter no lat­er than 2 days pri­or to the event
  • The client must pro­vide a note­card of any infor­ma­tion that they want the Pre­sen­ter to announce on air 24 hours pri­or to the event
  • Addi­tion­al time request­ed by the client to length­en the event must be approved by the Pre­sen­ter and is based on Pre­sen­ter avail­abil­i­ty; the client will be charged accord­ing­ly
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