Radio Riel – now in higher quality

Fol­low­ing the suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of tests, we are now pleased to announce that Radio Riel will be broad­cast­ing as stan­dard at 128 kilo­bits per sec­ond for improved audio qual­i­ty.

There may be some brief ser­vice inter­rup­tions this morn­ing as we fine-tune some set­tings.

• The image shows a Radio Riel engi­neer tak­ing a well-earned rest after installing the new high fideli­ty audio appa­ra­tus.

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One Response to “Radio Riel – now in higher quality”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Where does the Radio Riel staff buy their cloth­ing (as we see in the pho­to­graph)? Would love to emu­late their impec­ca­ble taste!

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