Presenter Profile: Soliel Snook

Soliel Snook, mis­pelled by the typ­ist in error at birth and pro­nounced so LEEL not the French pro­nuni­ca­tion. Known to friends and acquain­tances as Soliel, Snooks or Sol. Any of these works!! Mar­chioness of Gig­gle­ford.

SL Rez Day: 12 May 2007

Occu­pa­tion: Radio Riel Pre­sen­ter, Co-con­ven­er of the Ear­ly Birds’ Social Club, Proud co- Own­er and Cre­ator of Giverny — Sole pro­pri­etor of Snook’s Gar­den Cen­tres, Giverny, Mor­gaine, Port­land, Oak Tree, New Toulouse and Ischia. Land­scap­er, artist and con­tent cre­ator.

Music: WOW, well that’s a tall order! Baroque, Roman­tic 19th Cen­tu­ry com­posers, World Music, Celtic, Folk, 30’s 40’s,50’s 60’s 70’s and for­ward, Blue Grass, Coun­try & /Western, acoustic, Cajun, Jazz and.. *BLUES* Cur­rent favs include: Sal­sa Celti­ca, Julie Foulis, KT Tun­stall, Eddi Read­er (Scots, all of em), also Tex-mex bor­der music, and ANY THING with rhythym.

Haunts: Giverny and Huck­le­ber­ry- Mesquite Burl Heavy Indus­tries
SL Inter­ests: Radio Riel events, Gar­den­ing, par­ti­cles, scriptin’, organ­is­ing, cre­at­ing con­tent with beau­ty and grace.

RL Inter­ests:
Gar­den­ing, Read­ing, Tex­tile Art and Nor­folk Ter­ri­ers.

Favourite Quote: ‘We do the best we can and when we know bet­ter we do bet­ter’ Maya Ange­lo

And I will leave you with this:

“Silent­ly, one by one in the infi­nite mead­ows of Heav­en, blos­somed the love­ly stars, the For­get-me-nots of Angels” — Longfel­low

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