Pixmalion: My Fae Pixie — Saturday 1–4pm SLT

All I want is a par­ty some­where, far away from the cold night air.…

Well, it’s still only Sep­tem­ber and we are only half-way up a moun­tain, so it’s not too cold just yet. And there will be danc­ing, so that should keep every­one nice and warm.

So, get your togs on and come over to Fuschi­a’s Frocks in Cale­don Well­sian for an evening of music from those musi­cals set in the Vic­to­ri­an and Edwar­dian eras. And yes, there will be Gilbert and Sul­li­van. But not as you know it…

Join us on Sat­ur­day 20th Sep­tem­ber, 1–4pm SLT (21:00-midnight UK time) at the Avalanche The­atre (one night only):
Once you arrive at the Well­sian tele­hub, click the Pix­malion poster there for a note­card that includes a spe­cial trans­porter you can rez on the spot to take you straight to the loca­tion. Or just fly North over the moun­tain head­ing for all those green dots on the map…

Music will be pro­vid­ed by Elrik Mer­lin of Radio Riel, and the pro­ceed­ings will be broad­cast on the Radio Riel Sec­ondary stream: http://music2.radioriel.org

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