Arrrrrr! Avast ye lily liv­ered scurvy dog! Today’s From th’ Library takes ye on a jour­ney o’ bilge rats, rum, salty dogs an’ more rum. Cap’n Edward Pearse gives ye music t’ sail yer ship by.

Tune yer lis­tenin’ devices t’ http://music.radioriel.org for a day o’ shanties ‘n’ horn­pipes an’ some edu­catin’ an’ enter­tain­in’ dit­ties.

Let me tell ye why me Roger be so Jol­ly.

Ship­mates, Brig­ands an’ Pri­va­teers abound in today‘s selec­tion o’ music in hon­our o’ th’ New Bab­bage Ship­mate Regat­ta.

So help yersef t’ a pint o’ rum (sprin­kled wi’ gun­pow­der fer th’ more hard­core) an’ tap yer wood­en leg t’ th’ likes o’ Great Big Sea, Th’ Dublin­ers, Th’ Irish Descen­dants, Gilbert & Sul­li­van t’ Tim Cur­ry an’ Split Enz. Some­thin’ in thar fer also sea dogs an’ land lub­bers.

From the Library is pro­duced by Radio Riel in con­junc­tion with the Cale­don Library in Sec­ond Life. Today’s pro­gram was pro­duced by Edward Pearse.

You can lis­ten now at http://music.radioriel.org — the ide­al URL for you to use in your home par­cel media address in-world — or sim­ply vis­it any Cale­don Library branch in-world and press Play on your embed­ded music play­er.

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One Response to “Pirates!”

  1. Capt. Red Llewellyn says:

    Oh bril­liant! Thank you so much your grace! it will be a great addtion to the Evil…i mean GOOD Dr. G. Obolen­skys pirate regat­ta today!


    Arrrr & Cheers!
    ~Capt. Red

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