Pirates of the Caledonian V

On the last week­end in May of 2007, an Intre­pid Pix­ie and Coura­geous Cale­don­ian Relay for Life Team Cap­tain con­tact­ed a Young Duchess…and a tra­di­tion was born!

It was called Pirates of the Cale­don­ian!

In 2008, the ship took to the skies in Sky Pirates of the Cale­don­ian!

In 2009, we soared into the stratos­phere with Space Pirates of the Cale­don­ian!

(Pho­tos cour­tesy of Wild­star Beau­mont)

In 2010, we went on tour with Pirates of the Cale­don­ian on Ice!

And this year, 2011, we are thrilled to present:

Here is your invi­ta­tion from the Pro­fes­sor and the Pix­ie:


It be that time again for the pirate crews to set sail upon the seas of char­i­ty with Pirate Queen Riel, Cap’n Bego­nia and Cab­in Boy Alfon­so.

This time the tides we be sailin’ be mighty strange…there be the undead, dark­ly dressed assas­sins, men in skirts and a vast abun­dance o’ water. Have we washed up in the acursed lock­er of Dav­ey Jones, or have we been havin’ too much cheese with our nigh­t­ime vit­tals?

You may not find out, but come drink, dance, jig, and give your booty to SLR­FL at:

Nin­ja Zom­bie Cross­dress­ing Pirates of the Cale­don­ian Under the Sea in 3D!

2–4pm PDT

Cale­don Well­sian (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caledon%20Wellsian/221/180/2251)

Pirates of the Cale­don­ian V will broad­cast live on Radio Riel’s Main stream. Tune in at: http://loudcity.com/stations/radio-riel/tune_in


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