Pirates of the Caledonian V

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by Gabrielle Riel on Thursday, 9 June, 2011

On the last weekend in May of 2007, an Intrepid Pixie and Courageous Caledonian Relay for Life Team Captain contacted a Young Duchess…and a tradition was born!

It was called Pirates of the Caledonian!

In 2008, the ship took to the skies in Sky Pirates of the Caledonian!

In 2009, we soared into the stratosphere with Space Pirates of the Caledonian!

(Photos courtesy of Wildstar Beaumont)

In 2010, we went on tour with Pirates of the Caledonian on Ice!

And this year, 2011, we are thrilled to present:

Here is your invitation from the Professor and the Pixie:


It be that time again for the pirate crews to set sail upon the seas of charity with Pirate Queen Riel, Cap’n Begonia and Cabin Boy Alfonso.

This time the tides we be sailin’ be mighty strange…there be the undead, darkly dressed assassins, men in skirts and a vast abundance o’ water. Have we washed up in the acursed locker of Davey Jones, or have we been havin’ too much cheese with our nightime vittals?

You may not find out, but come drink, dance, jig, and give your booty to SLRFL at:

Ninja Zombie Crossdressing Pirates of the Caledonian Under the Sea in 3D!

2–4pm PDT

Caledon Wellsian (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caledon%20Wellsian/221/180/2251)

Pirates of the Caledonian V will broadcast live on Radio Riel’s Main stream. Tune in at: http://loudcity.com/stations/radio-riel/tune_in



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