Palm Court Tea Dance at The Bashful Peacock — 3:00pm — 5:00pm SLT

Mr. Rudolpho Wood­get cor­dial­ly invites you today, Sun­day, from 3:00pm — 5:00pm SLT, to a Tea Dance in the renowned Palm Court of the Bash­ful Pea­cock, Cale­don Well­sian.

The Palm Court Orches­tra and oth­er famous per­form­ers under the direc­tion of Radio Riel’s Mr Elrik Mer­lin will play a selec­tion of clas­sic light music, waltzes and oth­er peri­od favourites. So dust off your fin­ery, come along, and bring a friend — or make a new one!

The Pea­cock is near the North shore of Cale­don Well­sian, across the street from the Library. If you can’t be there, you can still enjoy the music: set your par­cel to or lis­ten in off-world at

The Bash­ful Pea­cock is Cale­don’s gath­er­ing place for ladies and gen­tle­men who pre­fer the com­pa­ny of ladies and gen­tle­men, respec­tive­ly. All res­i­dents and friends of Cale­don will find a warm wel­come at this unique venue.

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