Open Ballroom Dance at Nostic Club — 12:00pm — 2:00pm SLT

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Ladies and Gen­tle­men, the Nos­tic Club in Val­u­ta Sim ( cor­dial­ly invites you to an open ball­room dance, today, Sat­ur­day, September13 from 12:00pm — 2:00pm SLT for the Nos­tic Open Par­ty.

Soliel Snookl will pro­vide two hours of Clas­si­cal Music and Jazz so you can enjoy your waltzes, tan­gos and fox­trots! Please join us for the fun and danc­ing in this love­ly ball­room! A repli­ca of The Estates The­atre or Stavovské divad­lo is a his­toric the­atre in Prague, Czech Repub­lic.

Nos­tic requires for­mal attire. Please detach any script­ed objects, such as HUDs and AOs before arrival. If you can not join us, you can tune into the event at .

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