Olympic Pageant

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by Elrik Merlin on Saturday, 11 August, 2012

This weekend the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, properly called the Games of the XXX Olympiad, draw to a close, and that seemed like an opportunity to play some music both for sport and for pageantry, and a great deal more.

These Games have combined sports with spectacle, in particular the stunning opening ceremony devised to great acclaim by filmmaker Danny Boyle, and we will be playing the pieces of music, classical and contemporary, that were featured during the course of this marvellous celebration of Britain and British life. We’ll also include the full 6‐minute version of the music from the BBC’s extremely impressive Olympic trailer (see still frame above) — First Steps by Elbow.

On the sports front, we’ll hear a number of well‐known television and radio sports themes and other pieces with an Olympic link, such as tracks from Keith Mansfield’s Olympiad 2000 and 2001 production music albums, a touch of Vangelis, and pieces that recall the original Games held in Ancient Greece.

The Queen, of course, officially opened the Games — after having apparently arrived with Mr James Bond by helicopter — and we’ll be playing plenty of regal music today that was written for past and present state events and monarchs of Great Britain and elsewhere, from Handel to Walton. And we have also included a wealth of military bands, Elgar and much more, leading to an exceptionally varied programme of pomp, pageant and sporting performance, with a number of musical surprises (Quidditch is an Olympic sport, right?).

ZBS Radio Hour

Don’t forget to join us at 19:00 or 03:00 UK time — 11am or 7pm Pacific — for the latest instalments of our thrilling adventure series from our friends at ZBS Media. We start the Hour with the lastest episode in our Steampunk Jack Flanders adventure, Steam Dreamers of Inverness.

While traveling upon the great zeppelin, The Illuminato, Jack, Mojo, and Claudine discover an island floating in the sky. On the island is a giant stupa guarded by a woman who is part machine and part plant. Andola RUX 77 is the creation of the renowned scientist, Dr. Werner von Falkenstein, also known as The Mad Botanist!

Then at the bottom of the hour, we bring you an amusing one‐off, featuring the sneaky but oddly beloved rodentate Rodant Kapoor from the Ruby sci‐fi stories in “Ol’ Cactus Kapoor”. Rodant dresses up as a cactus in order to catch some ornery cattle rustlers. But he finds he needs to redesign his disguise.

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