Oh No, it’s Friday the 13th! Time for… Bedknobs & Boomsticks!

Join Fuschia Bego­nia, Alfon­so Avalanche and Elrik Mer­lin for Bed­knobs and Boom­sticks (sic) — anoth­er of their absurd pun-tas­tic par­ties of total silli­ness set to music and spe­cial effects.

It’s Fri­day 13th and it’s the day before Valen­tine’s day, so… obvi­ous­ly the theme has to be com­ic hor­ror musi­cals with a bunch of Dis­ney thrown in for good mea­sure.… Fly­ing bed­steads, the Evil Dead, the odd pro­to­plas­mic mon­ster on the roof, you name it. You’ll beWITCHED… you’ll beDEA­DLED! Tra­gu­na, macoides, tra­co­rum sadis dee

The time is Noon to 3pm SLT and the loca­tion? Well, there’s a light… over at the Fuschi­a’s Frocks place… in Cale­don Well­sian. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caledon%20Wellsian/208/172/41 or ask any of the three of us for a TP.

Join us in per­son. Real­ly. You must. It isn’t as if you have any choice or any­thing. Unless you want your brains to be eat­en by zom­bies. Oh, all right, you can lis­ten in-world on — or off-world, click here. But we know where you live…

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