Off the Shelf — Season 04 — Episode 05 — RJ Sawyer

In episode 5 of this sea­son of Off the Shelf, Sime­on and Kghia had the great plea­sure of speak­ing with Sci­ence Fic­tion Writer Robert J. Sawyer.

Robert has the dis­tinct hon­or of hav­ing won all three of the world’s top sci­ence-fic­tion awards for Best Nov­el of the Year: the Neb­u­la (1996, The Ter­mi­nal Exper­i­ment), the Hugo (2003, Hominids), and the John W. Camp­bell Memo­r­i­al Award (2006, Mind­scan). His nov­el Flash­for­ward was devel­oped into the ABC tele­vi­sion series of the same name. K and Si were able to pick Robert’s brain for over an hour, so enjoy!

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