Off the Shelf — Season 03 — Episode 11 — Jane Nissen

Sum­mer is com­ing and that means that Off the Shelf will be on hia­tus until the Fall after this episode. Sime­on and Kghia wrap up the sea­son in grand fash­ion with a won­der­ful inter­view with Jane Nis­sen.

The books we read as chil­dren – and those that were read to us – cre­ate some of our strongest lit­er­ary mem­o­ries. When the time comes for us to buy Children’s Lit­er­a­ture, those are the books we look for. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, some of them fall out of print. Jane Nis­sen, a vet­er­an of the Children’s Lit­er­a­ture pub­lish­ing indus­try, is work­ing to make some of these mem­o­rable clas­sics avail­able again through her pub­lish­ing com­pa­ny, Jane Nis­sen Books.

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