Off the Shelf — Season 03 — Episode 10 — Mike Stackpole

Michael A. Stack­pole has con­quered galax­ies both near and far, writ­ing such notable books as I, JediTal­ion: Revenant, and the Bat­tletech nov­el Assump­tion of Risk. One of Mike’s lat­est works, In Hero Years…I’m Dead, plays with gen­res with enter­tain­ing results. He is also a gen­er­ous con­trib­u­tor to the writer com­mu­ni­ty, with his series The Secrets and the office hours he hosts in Sec­ond Life. Kghia and Sime­on talk to Mike about his works, his career, and even his expe­ri­ences with e‑publishing

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