Off the Shelf — Season 02 — Episode 04 — Peter May

On Episode 4 of the sec­ond sea­son of “Off the Shelf”, Sime­on and Kghia speak to Peter May, author of The Chi­na Thrillers and The Enzo Files.  In addi­tion to his award win­ning nov­els, Peter dis­cuss­es his newest nov­el, Vir­tu­al­ly Dead, which is set in Sec­ond Life.

To research his new nov­el, Peter cre­at­ed an avatar (Flick Faulds) in Sec­ond Life and spent a year run­ning a detec­tive agency in the vir­tu­al world. From his expe­ri­ences, he has spun a tale tying real life, the meta­verse, and mur­der togeth­er.

You can find more infor­ma­tion about Peter May on his web­site. Flick Faulds also has a web­site with a sam­ple chap­ters of the new nov­el.

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