Not So Easy Listening

The idea behind the month­ly “Not So Easy Lis­ten­ing” pro­gram on Radio Riel is to present music that might not oth­er­wise have a place in our pro­gram­ming: long forms, odd­i­ties, music that needs expla­na­tion, and, yes, some­times, music that’s hard to lis­ten to.

For my sec­ond such pro­gram, I’ll have music that chal­lenges us in two ways.

First I will have a few songs to mark the 100th anniver­sary of the Tri­an­gle Shirt­waist Fire. On March 25, 1911, 146 gar­ment work­ers died in a fac­to­ry fire in down­town Man­hat­tan. Most of them were young immi­grant women. The fac­to­ry own­ers had locked some of the doors, and the vic­tims either suc­cumbed to the smoke and flames or leapt from the eighth, ninth, and tenth floors.

The longer por­tion of the pro­gram is music by com­pos­er Philip Glass, includ­ing selec­tions from ear­ly works such as Music in Sim­i­lar Motion and the opera Ein­stein on the Beach, as well as con­cert and film music.

Please join us for a lis­ten­ing par­ty at the Claren­don Con­ser­va­to­ry, 6–7pm SLT.

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