Normal Programming Resumed

Our main stream is func­tion­ing once again, and we have resumed our nor­mal day­time pro­gram­ming, on this occa­sion fea­tur­ing a mix­ture of Celtic and sea­son­al music. Please re-tune to

We apol­o­gise for the ear­li­er loss of ser­vice which was due to mat­ters beyond our con­trol. We are tak­ing steps to attempt to min­imise the like­li­hood of future out­ages of this nature.

Radio Riel cur­rent­ly has access to servers both in the US and Europe, and as a result it is hap­pi­ly unlike­ly that we will lose our main streams simul­ta­ne­ous­ly; how­ev­er in the event of a prob­lem of a sim­i­lar nature it will regret­tably gen­er­al­ly be nec­es­sary to retune or restart your play­er as we trans­fer to an alter­na­tive serv­er, as was the case today. We will do our best to keep you informed on issues of this nature.

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One Response to “Normal Programming Resumed”

  1. Ravishal Bentham says:

    I’m all too famil­iar with the vagaries of inter­net stream­ing! I’ve had float­ing point errors in my encoders, MYSQL fail­ures, heavy buffer­ing due to a poor path between me and the serv­er and I’ve had my serv­er in Dal­las knocked out by severe storms. I always wor­ry that my inworld lis­ten­ers will switch their streams and take their time tun­ing back. Some how I recov­er, though some­hwat fraz­zled.

    Rav­ishal Ben­tham
    KONA Radio

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