Nominate Radio Riel for the Mixcloud Online Radio Awards

Mix­cloud has announced that nom­i­na­tions are open for their annu­al Online Radio Awards.

Radio Riel qual­i­fies for three of the four cat­e­gories, so please show your sup­port for us by sub­mit­ting nom­i­na­tions for Best Online Radio Sta­tion, Best Online Music Show and Best Online Music Per­son­al­i­ty.

Here is the infor­ma­tion that we rec­om­mend that you include in your nom­i­na­tion form:

Radio Sta­tion: Radio Riel

Sta­tion Web­site:

Music Show: Songs from The Nightin­gale

Exam­ple of the Show:

Music Per­son­al­i­ty: Gabrielle Riel

Exam­ples of Gabrielle’s Work:

Thank you for sup­port­ing us with these nom­i­na­tions! Radio Riel has been on-air for over ten years. Let’s show the world how Riel we are!

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