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by Elrik Merlin on Saturday, 19 November, 2011

Next week in the ZBS Radio Hour, and by kind permission of the author, we begin the stunning 4‐part radio adaptation by ZBS Foundation of James Gurney’s evocative Dinotopia.

Often regarded as a children’s work, the Dinotopia books are in fact a treat for all ages, and the audio series likewise.

Close your eyes, open your imagination, and be transported to Dinotopia, the only place in the world where dinosaurs and humans live side by side. This peaceful island, first brought to light in James Gurney’s phenomenal bestseller, comes alive again in this spectacular audio journey. Join Arthur and Will Denison as they explore all the great landmarks, discover the hidden byways, meet the inhabitants (including the dinosaurs), and learn about the unusual lifeways of this fabulous land apart from time.

No other audio adventure so effectively creates an entire world (a reality unlike any other) and so immediately plunges you into the full ambiance of an unknown civilization. All the excitement and adventure of this unique expedition is now within your reach through this very special production.

ZBS has brought Dinotopia to life before your very ears. What had once been a kind of silent movie on the book page now has a vivid and abundant soundtrack, complete with tambourines, trumpets, rumbles, hoots, roars and laughter” — Jim Gurney 

Learn more about Dinotopia here. And if you enjoy what you hear, you can purchase the audio version of Dinotopia on CD or as a download, from the ZBS Foundation Web Site.

The first episode of Dinotopia airs in the ZBS Radio Hour on Radio Riel’s Main Stream, on Saturday, 26 November, at 11:30am & 7:30pm Pacific Time (19:30 & 03:30 GMT) — after the 13th episode of Traveling Jack at the top of the hour.


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