Musical Comedy

in Daily Programme, Radio Riel Main

by Elrik Merlin on Wednesday, 29 May, 2019

Musical Comedy

Join us today for a programme of the hilarious, the ingenious and the just plain daft as we present a programme of musical comedy and novelty records.

Musical comedy as a genre is one that we usually leave to my colleague Mr Edward Pearse (writes Elrik Merlin), but once in a while I like to present my own approach to the genre, which in fact crosses over surprisingly little with my esteemed colleague’s programming in this area.

Thus today you’ll hear a broad mix of pieces mostly written with their tongues firmly in their cheeks, or at least with some kind of sense of humour. You’ll hear Peter Sellers (produced by George Martin), Spike Jones and other ‘novelty records’ of the 30s and 40s, a musical joke from Mozart, Le Carnaval des Animaux from Saint‐Saëns, the hilarious compositions of PDQ Bach (aka Peter Schickele) and his approximate British equivalent Gerard Hoffnung, the marvellous songs of Flanders and Swann and their latter‐day equivalents Stilgoe & Skellern, off‐the‐wall renditions of familiar songs via early electronic instruments by Perrey & Kingsley, a touch of Victor Borge, and much more including The Muffin Men, Rondellus and… well, you’ll just have to find out, won’t you. And listen out for Stewart & Gaskin’s marvellous version of Busy Doing Nothing.

Today’s programme is presented by Elrik Merlin. Click here to start your player if your browser is set up to pass streams to an external player. 

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