Musical Chrononauts: Back to the Prom

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by Gabrielle Riel on Friday, 15 May, 2009

Today is the day of the Second Annual Peacock Proms, and I have decided to try something new for the Prom music!

I am calling it: “Musical Chrononauts: Back to the Prom”

(thank you most kindly Mr. Drinkwater for the very apropos name)

The Prom” is very much an American institution, associated with High School. It is often held as a celebration to a specific graduating class. Therefore, most Americans associate very specific music with the word “Prom”, usually music from their Junior or Senior year of High School.

Therefore, I would like to make the Peacock Prom that I play today an homage to YOUR Proms and/or High School years — and I need your requests to make this happen!

Please IM me, or email me at, with any year between 1950 and 2000, and I will create a 15 minute set during Peacock Prom #1 dedicated to the “Prom” music of that specific year. I will announce the year, and dedicate it to you on air during the event.

Requests are first come, first served. If the requests outstrip the available time of the “early” (Euro/UK) Prom, then I will do my best to work with Presenter Magdalena Kamenev, who is providing the music for the “late” (North American) Prom. I will get as many as requests as possible to her, but please note that I will be at the mercy of uploads speeds and bandwidth.

Please help me take you all “Back to the Prom”!


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