Music of Caledon: A Renaissance Fayre

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by Elrik Merlin on Monday, 30 June, 2008

As part of Caledon’s SL5B celebrations, Radio Riel continues its series of programmes of The Music of Caledon with a day of Renaissance and Early Music — focusing primarily on lively and exciting modern interpretations, such as you might find at a Renaissance Fayre today, rather than more traditional presentations. As a result, today’s show consists of fairly noisy and gleeful performances by modern artists in which, from time to time, traditional instrumentation is augmented, or sometimes replaced, by modern instruments. The result is a selection of musical fun and frolics from artists including Philip Pickett & Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings, Mince Pye, Wolgemut, Gryphon, Circulus, and of course Corvus Corax (though we’ll hold off on the dance remixes on this occasion).

Today’s programme is presented by Elrik Merlin and replaces the previously advertised programme from Magnatune, which will now be broadcast on Wednesday, presented by Edwina Heron.

Rocked-up Renaissance music is an ideal accompaniment to the steampunk/Victorian world of the Independent State of Caledon. Tune in as you explore the Caledon SL5B exhibit at, simply by pressing Play on your embedded music player. The programme can also be heard by tuning in directly to our Main Stream,


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