More of the Worlds…

Could we resist? Naaaaah. Fol­low­ing on from our pre-Hal­lowe’en broad­cast last night of Orson Welles’s Mer­cury The­ater On The Air’s 1938 ren­di­tion of HG Well­s’s The War of the Worlds, we just had to con­tin­ue the theme. So today’s extend­ed broad­cast includes that once again in full, plus the orig­i­nal mix of Jeff Wayne’s musi­cal ver­sion, along with a selec­tion of the best remix­es this side of 1979.

We’ll also be fea­tur­ing some oth­er music with a space theme, from Michael Stearns to John Williams… and there’s a spe­cial treat for space fans too, in the form of a musical/actuality doc­u­men­tary on the Apol­lo XI mis­sion.

The chances of any­thing com­ing from Mars are a mil­lion to one…
Tune in… and take off!

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