Monster Mash & Grand Opening at the Odditorium — Oct 27

Come, come, come, to the Odd­i­to­ri­um - the weeeird build­ing just down the street from the Cale­don Eyre Tele­hub — and join Kheph and Ellis­Dee for the Grand Open­ing Mon­ster Mash on Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 27, from 1pm-4pm SLT (9pm-mid­night UK time). Elrik Mer­lin of Radio Riel will be spin­ning some beery music [Rik, should­n’t that be “eerie”? —Ed.] sor­ry, eerie music for your delec­ta­tion and danc­ing plea­sure with Lady Dia­man­da Gustafson host­ing, and mean­while all kinds of events will take place, from Zom­bie Hunt­ing to a Triv­ia Con­test. There’s a Cos­tume Con­test too, so come in your most Haunt­ing­lye Scar­i­fyinge Attyre.

A good time is guar­an­teed for all (offer void where pro­hib­it­ed). Don’t miss the won­ders of the Odd­i­to­ri­um either, from amaz­ing art to sim­ply spiff­ing steam­punk, er, some­thing-begin­ning-with-S-machin­ery. If it isn’t odd – it’s sod!

Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 27
1pm-4pm SLT (9pm-mid­night UK time)

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